Leadership Pogram

In ATA, it is our goal to build a generation of leaders who have success far beyond the walls of the martial arts classroom. As part of the Leadership Program, you will be challenged more physically and mentally and will enhance your martial arts experience through the following:

  • The six Leadership life skills- Honesty, Discipline, Belief, Communication, Self-Esteem, and Respect
  • More advance specialty martial arts seminars and classes
  • ATA Xtreme- a fusion of traditional martial arts and creative interpretation
  • More opportunities in ATA’s elite competition circuit
  • Learning how to be an effective leader in Taekwondo, at home, at school and work

ATA’s ability to shape and mold people’s lives in a positive way has significantly contributed to the success of its members worldwide. If you want to achieve greatness- and help others achieve greatness- maybe the ATA Leadership program is for you!

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